Skafos Utilities

Along with model version management, the Skafos SDK comes with additional tools to summarize your working environment and user privileges.


Returns the current version of the Skafos SDK in use.

import skafos

skafos.utilities.summary(skafos_api_token=None, compact=False)

Returns all Skafos organizations, apps, and models that the provided API token has access to.


See the Usage Guide Setting Up Your Environment for some tips on using this function best within your workflow.

  • skafos_api_token (str or None) – Skafos API Token associated with the user account. Checks environment for ‘SKAFOS_API_TOKEN’ if not passed into the function directly. Get one at –> Account Settings –> Tokens.
  • compact (boolean) – If True, will return a collapsed version of the summary dictionary response. If False (default), will return a full response as a list of dictionaries including key names.

List or nested dictionary (compact version) of all organizations, apps, and models this user has access to.

import skafos

skafos.summary(skafos_api_token="<YOUR-SKAFOS-API-TOKEN>", compact=False)

[{"org_name": "my-organization", "app_name": "my-application", "model_name": "my-model"},
 {"org_name": "my-organization", "app_name": "my-application", "model_name": "my-other-model"}]
  • InvalidTokenError - if improper API token is used or is missing entirely.