Skafos SDK Documentation

Skafos is the platform for automating the delivery of machine learning models to mobile devices. We provide this SDK as a Python wrapper for uploading, fetching, and listing model versions from the platform.

If you’re a Data Scientist or Machine Learning Engineer, you’re the one entrusted with building robust machine learning models. This SDK is an interface to the Skafos platform, allowing you to do the following from your Python development environment:

Upload a model version: Save a new version of your machine learning model to the Skafos platform, making it available for mobile delivery.

Deploy a model version: Deliver a saved model version to your mobile application over-the-air.

Fetch a model version: Download a previously saved version of your machine learning model from the Skafos platform.

List model versions: For each of your apps and models, see what model versions you have previously saved to the Skafos platform.

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